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When Michael Myers Came To Stay

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Sonia and I were really privileged this weekend to have a famous Hollywood star come over and visit.

Here comes Michael!

Hey everyone, Michael is here!

Go round the back Michael, the front door is locked.

Hey there Michael, great to see you.

There’s our Mikey!

That’s it Michael, you chill out for a bit. Big day tomorrow.

Michael!! Are you on those chat rooms again??

Michael, stop goofing around!

Didn’t realise you were a big Freddy fan Mike?

Sleep well Mikey, big day tomorrow.

Michael!! What have I told you about locking the door?

Getting your suit ready for tonight hey Mike?

One final workout before you hit the streets huh?

Thanks for staying over Michael. Happy hunting!

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Tron Watch

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Seems I’m posting a lot about Tron at the moment. This will probably intensify as we get closer to the release of Tron: Legacy

Anyway, came across these watches that have been heavily influenced by the neon lights of Tron. The outer ring is the minutes while the inner ring is the hour, simple.

I think at the moment these watches are just a concept. If someone did go ahead and manufacture this watch, I would love a green one…

Thanks to TokyoFlash for the heads up.

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Marvel Tron Mashup

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Marvel Comics has released a series of variant comic book covers featuring some of their main superheros wearing Tron clothing.

Granted, I’m more DC than Marvel, but these illustrations look awesome!! And only adds to already swelling anticipation of Tron: Legacy.

Shout out to JoBlo for shining a light on this.

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Daft Punk Tronic

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As a boy born in the 70s, Tron (1982) was a massive, MASSIVE cinematic event in my early life. It was up there with Star Wars as a visual spectacle that shaped my childhood imagination and indirectly steered me to where I am today – i.e. a graphic designer with an unhealthy obsession for science fiction and bad ass special effects.

I mean come on, there are two words that send a lightening bolt up my spine…

Light Cycle!

Well, unless you’ve been living in a cave this past year or so, or don’t have any interest in Tron – in which case, what the hell is wrong with you and get off my god damn website!! There is a Tron sequel out this December – 28 years after the original. Oh my bleeding god!!!

Daft Punk are the providers of the film soundtrack and apparantly they are making a brief cameo appearance in the movie – above is a teaser image released by Disney of the French Musique Maestros in their Tronic garb.

If that image alone doesn’t wet your whistle for Tron Legacy, there must be something wrong with you!

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Latest DVDs

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This week’s purchases include The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and [Rec]2

Interestingly, both these movies share something in common. No, I don’t mean a predominately black cover with splashes of red or the fact that they are both 18 movies (very rare nowadays).

Both these movies are in fact European… and therefore prime targets for a US Hollywood remake!! In fact, I think they are currently filming a US remake of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and I know there was a remake of [Rec] called Quarantine. Only a matter of time before they rehash this one.

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Latest DVDs

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The latest DVDs to be delivered are…

Dexter Season 1 and Mad Men Season 2

Yes, I know they have both been out for a while but better late than never is what I say. Just don’t post any spoilers!

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Smashing, Great… SUPER!

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Each month I ‘art direct’ an internet marketeer’s newsletter/magazine called Marketing Dot Com. When I say ‘art direct’, this is actually a fancy way of saying I design the content of the magazine.

How it goes is the magazine editor provides me with all the articles and I design/typeset them for the magazine – this includes sourcing any relevant imagery to accompany the articles.

More often than not, I like to produce these images myself, whether it be simple pen & ink drawings, crisp vector artwork or full-blown Photoshop and 3D renderings.

This month, the main article (which is carried on to the front cover) is about becoming a Super Affiliate. The editor and I decided to go down the route of using superhero-esque imagery for the article and cover, something really bold and vibrant. Seen as though I’m a proper comic book nerd, this is was a brief I really wanted to have a good go at. I certainly have lot of graphic knowledge to call on in this field.

While I was producing the cover ideas in Photoshop, it inspired me to produce a piece of artwork for myself. A self-promotional, experimental piece if you will. Personally, I think this would work really well as a large screen print.

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