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Since having Sky HD installed, the wife and I have visited the cinema less and less. This year, we managed a measly four films at the cinema. As cinema ticket prices continue to increase, coupled with Sky’s insistence on showing movies on Box Office the day they are released on DVD, I can only see this trend of ‘Let’s wait for it to come on Sky’ continuing. Fewer films have me dying to see on their opening night (or very early in their release). That’s not to say 2011 was a bad year, there were tons of good movies released this year, we just didn’t watch them at the flicks. Maybe we are destined to save the cinema for the truly epic movies that need to be viewed on the biggest screen possible. That doesn’t explain why we saw Paul and The Inbetweeners at the flicks. I can only offer the explanation that we were really bored those evenings.

Here is a list of the films we saw at the flicks in 2011:

Super 8
Transformers: The Dark of The Moon
The Inbetweeners Movie

No contest, Super 8 was my film of the year. I thought it was a fantastic movie – it felt like I was watching a 25 year old movie for the very first time. It had a feel of ET and The Goonies about it, not just because the film was focused on a bunch of bmx riding school kids but because it had a classic 80s Steven Spielberg look and feel. For two hours I felt like a kid again. And that is what I want when I watch a film – to be totally mesmerised for two hours and transported to another world.

Paul was ok. To be fair, I can’t remember much about it apart from it had a few geeky sci-fi in-gags and it was not as entertaining as Shaun of The Dead or Hot Fuzz. The Inbetweeners was funny. An expanded episode from the series with a bigger budget, cast and a more scenic location. The juvenile language and jokes were even closer to the bone and therefore just as entertaining. As for Transformers – another disappointment just like the second film in the series. They really should’ve left it at one movie but you just know that is not the Hollywood way. If they do release a fourth movie in the series, you can be guaranteed we’ll ‘wait for it to come on Sky’.

My pick of the films released this year that we waited to watch on Sky (in no particular order):
Source Code
Fast Five
The Adjustment Bureau
Sucker Punch

The also rans:
The Green Hornet
The Rite
I Am Number Four
Drive Angry
Kung Fu Panda 2
Captain America: The First Avenger
Rise of The Planet of The Apes

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