Week 3 Photo


Sorry about the blurriness of the image. Conditions were freezing, my hands were numb and I was trying to take this photo while precariously leaning against some scaffolding.

Anyway, what the hell is this photo all about I hear you ask. Well, somewhere in that mess of high-viz and building materials is my new office. Not quite ready to move in to just yet, but hopefully by June, I’ll be filling up my little office with all my crap.

The building is the Creative Quarter which is situated in the very fashionable town of Hebden Bridge. In fact, you may not know this, but Hebden Bridge is the 4th funkiest town in the world.

Yes, according to the British Airways in-flight magazine highlife, Hebden Bridge is fourth behind Daylesford, Australia (1), Tiradentes, Brazil (2) and Burlington, Vermont (3).

What do you reckon to that then…?

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