Week 10 Photo


Watched a really great movie the other week… Real Steel.

Ok, it probably didn’t pick up any Oscars but both the wife and I thought it was an enjoyable two hours entertainment.

Without going too ‘Barry Norman’, its basically set in the near future and focuses around the sport of fighting robots. Starring Wolverine and Kate from Lost, it’s actually the unknown child actor who ‘steels’ the show. Do you see what I did there…?

Now when I say fighting robots, this is not to be confused with the armoured radio controlled cars that used to drive in to eachother in BBC2 ‘Robot Wars’. This is huge, CGI mechs that brutally kick the crap out of eachother. Robot Rocky.

Personally, just my type of film. I didn’t strap a kick-ass sub to the back of my television for black & white silent movies.

The photo above is of my fighting robot – Tic Toc. He’s actually quite crap at fighting but his timing is great…

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