Week 8 Photo


Star Wars.

Once there was time when I wouldn’t have anyone say a bad word against the films. Hell, I even used to stand up for the Phantom Menace.

Not anymore.

George Lucas’s constant ‘tweaking’ and re-releasing has finally had it’s day with me. Why couldn’t he just leave the originals as they were? Why did he feel the need to go back and digitally enhance every frame – tweaking them to within an inch of their life.

Fine, we get it. The prequels were all filmed digitally. Everything, including the wooden acting, was CGI-digitally enhanced and therefore editable. But did he really need to go back and erase the remaining none-CGI beauty of the originals?

To be honest, even if I did own a Blu-Ray player, I wouldn’t purchase the latest variants.

And to top it off, obviously desperate for the money, George has allowed his once iconic characters to appear in non-related television commercials. There was an appearance of Darth Vader in a Curry’s/PC World television advert at Christmas and recently Yoda has been showing up in Vodafone commercials. This photo is of a huge Yoda appearing on a Vodafone 48 sheet in Piccadilly, Manchester.

Please Lucas, just stop.

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