Week 18 Photo


So this is me wearing goofy 3D glasses at the Vue Cinema in Accrington. Packed matinee showing of The Avengers – and yes, I am wearing a Captain America t-shirt.

General thoughts on the film – well it’s no secret I’m not a fan of Marvel comics or the films*. I don’t actually mind the Iron Man movies but I think this is due to the performance of Robert Downey Jnr. I thought the Avengers movie was as much nonsense as they could cram in to 2 hours of screen time – what a bleeding car crash! Yeah, I’m sure the fanboys out there were absolutely creaming themselves over it but personally… meh. If I come out of a movie showing looking forward to seeing a film again, then that is proof it has pushed most of the right buttons. As I write this, the thought of watching The Avengers again does not excite me in the slightest. The Avengers would’ve benefitted from being just Iron Man 3 and losing all the other characters.

Funnily enough, I endured X-Men: First Class again last night. Yes, there really wasn’t anything else on!! An hour in and I was wishing I’d played on the Xbox instead.

*The Punisher – now there is a Marvel comic I can read. Plus the 2004 film with John Travolta wasn’t half bad.

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