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Sneaky Illustrations

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There has been a personal project I have been dying to get started on for a while now – creating stylised vector illustrations of all the sneakers the wife and I own (we have quite an impressive and colourful collection).

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these illustrations when they are finished. Create a large montage of the entire collection? Create individual montages defined by type, colour, brand or sub-brand? Will these images be printed out and possibly framed or will they remain digital? Style wise, will the illustrations be very accurate almost technical drawings or have a cartoonish look?

Too many questions. Who knows? All I know is it’s been on my ‘do-to’ list for quite a while and I decided to get started this week.

The first task was to photograph all the shoes in my collection so I have a reference image to work over in Adobe Illustrator.


To make my job easier when it comes to illustrating each individual shoe, I needed all the shoes photographed from the same angle and lit consistently. Ideally that meant photographing them all in on go.


What was interesting and something I hadn’t given any thought to beforehand was after viewing the images on the camera, I had the making of a pretty funky little slideshow.


Now the real fun begins… illustrating each individual shoe! No doubt I’ll be posting them on here as and when I complete them.


Week 26 Photo

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Sorry, bit a nerdy image this one.

Out freelancing last week and I managed to create the biggest PDF in the world… EVER!!!

Fingers crossed that the next six months are much more exciting.

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Smashing, Great… SUPER!

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Each month I ‘art direct’ an internet marketeer’s newsletter/magazine called Marketing Dot Com. When I say ‘art direct’, this is actually a fancy way of saying I design the content of the magazine.

How it goes is the magazine editor provides me with all the articles and I design/typeset them for the magazine – this includes sourcing any relevant imagery to accompany the articles.

More often than not, I like to produce these images myself, whether it be simple pen & ink drawings, crisp vector artwork or full-blown Photoshop and 3D renderings.

This month, the main article (which is carried on to the front cover) is about becoming a Super Affiliate. The editor and I decided to go down the route of using superhero-esque imagery for the article and cover, something really bold and vibrant. Seen as though I’m a proper comic book nerd, this is was a brief I really wanted to have a good go at. I certainly have lot of graphic knowledge to call on in this field.

While I was producing the cover ideas in Photoshop, it inspired me to produce a piece of artwork for myself. A self-promotional, experimental piece if you will. Personally, I think this would work really well as a large screen print.

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Let’s start off with an injury

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Came flying off my mountain bike over a week ago and I’ve seriously knackered my shoulder. Not good.

Back to the hospital on Monday for a proper diagnosis. Fingers crossed it’s not too serious.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my pain with you all, graphically of course.

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