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Do you agree that the earphones that come bundled with your iPod/iPhone/iPad are utter crap?

For a company that prides itself on the quality of it’s products, it’s a glaring oversight on Apple’s part that they have created probably one of the worse pairs of earphones… ever!

For me, the sound quality isn’t too great but the most annoying thing is getting the bastards to stay in your ears. Fine, if I sit completely motionless and do not attempt to move my head a millimetre in any direction, they just about stay put. But if I should happen to be walking with them in, forget it.

I reckon Apple have some kind of pact with third-party earphone manufacturers. Apple continue to bundle those shitty white earphones, causing customers to invest in an alternative pair from another manufacturer. In return, Apple get a cut of the sale. I could be right.

Anyway, I decided I needed to invest in a decent pair of in-the-ear phones. I love my Bose headphones but they are just too cumbersome to take out with me all the time. They are reserved for listening to tunes in the office when I want to shut out the world.

Getting back to the in-the-ears, if you have happened to take a look at the choice that is out there nowadays it’s astounding! Where to start?

So I did what most people do, I asked the interweb. A couple of sites were saying some good things the SoundMagic E10’s. I wasn’t looking to spend a small fortune but I also didn’t wanted a piece of shit – I already had that with the Apple buds! Now normally you wouldn’t expect £35 to get you much in the way of quality but a couple of the independent reviews I read said they performed much better than earphones more than twice the price. Combining these reviews with actual customer reviews, I thought £35 was worth the gamble. If they turned out shit, I hadn’t broke the bank.

As it turned out, they aren’t shit… far from it. I’m suitable impressed with them.

Can’t fault the sound quality. The bass of my dance music makes my ears bleed and my orchestral film scores are crystal clear. They have passed the Jean Michel Jarre test with flying colours!

The earphones came with EIGHT pair of ‘flanges’ – more than enough to find a comfortable pair that keep the earbuds in and external noise out. I’ve had no problems with them while pounding the streets of Manchester, nor have I needed to crank the music up while sat on the train. All-in-all, I’m pretty chuffed with them.

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Daft Punk Tronic

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As a boy born in the 70s, Tron (1982) was a massive, MASSIVE cinematic event in my early life. It was up there with Star Wars as a visual spectacle that shaped my childhood imagination and indirectly steered me to where I am today – i.e. a graphic designer with an unhealthy obsession for science fiction and bad ass special effects.

I mean come on, there are two words that send a lightening bolt up my spine…

Light Cycle!

Well, unless you’ve been living in a cave this past year or so, or don’t have any interest in Tron – in which case, what the hell is wrong with you and get off my god damn website!! There is a Tron sequel out this December – 28 years after the original. Oh my bleeding god!!!

Daft Punk are the providers of the film soundtrack and apparantly they are making a brief cameo appearance in the movie – above is a teaser image released by Disney of the French Musique Maestros in their Tronic garb.

If that image alone doesn’t wet your whistle for Tron Legacy, there must be something wrong with you!

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