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October Sticker Bomb(s)

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Ignoring the fact that October is the month of my dad and sister’s birthdays, October is all about Hallowe’en… full stop!

Therefore, it seemed only right that my October stickers should be Hallowe’en themed.

Introducing my rogue’s gallery of notorious cinematic serial killers… presented as shitty 70s Panini football stickers.







Ghostface with authentic Hallowe’en cobweb

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Sneaky Illustrations

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There has been a personal project I have been dying to get started on for a while now – creating stylised vector illustrations of all the sneakers the wife and I own (we have quite an impressive and colourful collection).

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these illustrations when they are finished. Create a large montage of the entire collection? Create individual montages defined by type, colour, brand or sub-brand? Will these images be printed out and possibly framed or will they remain digital? Style wise, will the illustrations be very accurate almost technical drawings or have a cartoonish look?

Too many questions. Who knows? All I know is it’s been on my ‘do-to’ list for quite a while and I decided to get started this week.

The first task was to photograph all the shoes in my collection so I have a reference image to work over in Adobe Illustrator.


To make my job easier when it comes to illustrating each individual shoe, I needed all the shoes photographed from the same angle and lit consistently. Ideally that meant photographing them all in on go.


What was interesting and something I hadn’t given any thought to beforehand was after viewing the images on the camera, I had the making of a pretty funky little slideshow.


Now the real fun begins… illustrating each individual shoe! No doubt I’ll be posting them on here as and when I complete them.


Week 3 Photo

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Sorry about the blurriness of the image. Conditions were freezing, my hands were numb and I was trying to take this photo while precariously leaning against some scaffolding.

Anyway, what the hell is this photo all about I hear you ask. Well, somewhere in that mess of high-viz and building materials is my new office. Not quite ready to move in to just yet, but hopefully by June, I’ll be filling up my little office with all my crap.

The building is the Creative Quarter which is situated in the very fashionable town of Hebden Bridge. In fact, you may not know this, but Hebden Bridge is the 4th funkiest town in the world.

Yes, according to the British Airways in-flight magazine highlife, Hebden Bridge is fourth behind Daylesford, Australia (1), Tiradentes, Brazil (2) and Burlington, Vermont (3).

What do you reckon to that then…?

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Week 2 Photo

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Wife and I decided to have a little trip out to Blackpool on Sunday. Was gloriously sunny but very chilly – perfect conditions for photography if you don’t mind having cold hands.

Here is a photo of the ferris wheel on the Central Pier – taken from the newly renovated front between the Central and North piers.

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Week 1 Photo

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Starting today, I am setting myself a new assignment – upload one photograph a week!

Why you ask? No real reason, just a simple exercise to motivate me to take at least one photo a week – good or bad.

Some weeks, the photo may have some underlying significance though I’m pretty sure most weeks, it’ll just be a shot that I like.

This week’s photograph is entitled: Christmas Has Left The Building. It’s an iPhone photo of our Christmas tree lying on the drive, waiting to be disposed of.

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