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BOB Weekend

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But not bob as in ‘a bit shit’, Bob as in Batman, Open and Birthday.

The Open. The British Open. One of the four ‘major’ golf tournaments. Yes, I love my golf. I enjoyed playing it when I was younger and one day I will take it up again and swing the irons. Until then, I’m left playing it on the Xbox and watching it on tv. Some people moan about golf ruining a nice walk. Some people ask how you can watch it on tv when the coverage alternates between footage of sky and grass? But me, I love it. I could quite happily sit there all day and watch the BBC’s coverage. Cricket fans can sit and watch 5 day internationals – I can sit and watch 4 days of major golf. I’m also a Tiger Woods fan. He’s exciting to watch and his recent ‘off the fairway’ adventures only add to circus that surrounds him. Chip in that the UK and Northern Ireland have some really exciting players at the top of the world rankings at the moment and it’s got all the ingredients of being a classic. Royal Lytham is a notoriously difficult links course and plus the bonus of some truly awful English summer weather – it should be a proper skirmish.

Play starts on Thursday and I’m hoping to watch as much as I can – probably on BBC iPlayer while I work.

But Its not all golf, golf golf this weekend. For a period of time Saturday afternoon, I’ll be sat in front of an IMAX screen watching the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman triology – The Dark Knight Rises.

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog posting, I’m not a gushing fan of the Nolan movies unlike most people. Yes, Nolan stuck pretty true to some major elements of the comic books but there are also some big deviations in my opinion. That being said, its a frickin Batman movie!! Not Spiderman but Batman! Hell, I actually got excited about the Joel Schumacher movies – and we know how those turned out. Basically, if it’s Batman, I’m all over it – good or bad.

And that leads nicely up to Sunday – the big Three Nine!! Yes, I’m about to enter my fortieth year. Time to grow up? I don’t think so.

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Week 13 Photo

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Old Trafford.

The Theatre of Dreams.

Home of Manchester United Football Club.

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a VIP ticket to the recent Premier League clash against Fulham.

Not a great match I have to admit. United were aiming to go five points clear of local rivals Manchester City at the top of the league and were looking very nervous. Thankfully, a Wayne Rooney goal just before halftime was enough to see United take all three points. United avoided a massive scare near the end when perennial party-pooper Danny Murphy looked like he had earnt Fulham a penalty. Not this year eh Danny…?

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Week 10 Photo

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Watched a really great movie the other week… Real Steel.

Ok, it probably didn’t pick up any Oscars but both the wife and I thought it was an enjoyable two hours entertainment.

Without going too ‘Barry Norman’, its basically set in the near future and focuses around the sport of fighting robots. Starring Wolverine and Kate from Lost, it’s actually the unknown child actor who ‘steels’ the show. Do you see what I did there…?

Now when I say fighting robots, this is not to be confused with the armoured radio controlled cars that used to drive in to eachother in BBC2 ‘Robot Wars’. This is huge, CGI mechs that brutally kick the crap out of eachother. Robot Rocky.

Personally, just my type of film. I didn’t strap a kick-ass sub to the back of my television for black & white silent movies.

The photo above is of my fighting robot – Tic Toc. He’s actually quite crap at fighting but his timing is great…

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Week 5 Photo

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Do you know that crazy building in Manchester city centre facing the Printworks?

No not Next, I mean the Urbis.

Well it’s currently being transformed in to the National Football Museum. I can’t be arsed researching it but didn’t the National Football Museum used to be at Preston North End’s Deepdale stadium? Yeah exactly, who the hell wants to go to Preston…!?

Loving the “…in football’s greatest city Manchester.” Not Liverpool, Leeds or London but Manchester.

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